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Winter x Twist Litter 
8 little pups joined the family on 4-16-24
 Puppies will be ready to go at 8 weeks of age (6-11-2024). Tails will be docked and dew claws removed.  Puppies will have had their 1st round of vaccines and be dewormed at 2,4,6, & 8 weeks of age. These pups should mature around 14-17" tall and 25-35lbs approx. when mature.

IMG_0777 (1).JPG
Although we do our best to estimate the height of the puppy at maturity, we can not guarantee the actual size at maturity. The Mini Aussies were bred down from Standard Sized Australian Shepherds and there can always be a recessive gene that comes out. Size for a Miniature Australian Shepherds is 14" - 18” (at the shoulder)

#1 - Blue Merle Male- Going to live with the Hodnefields.

This boy is an eye-catcher. He has the cutest merle patches and a pretty blaze face. His copper points will start to show more as he get older. He is such a sweet natured boy who loves to play with his siblings.

#2 Red Merle Male - Going to live with Tom and Linda!

This little guy is a cutie. He has a nice pretty head and neat markings. He has some neat dilute patches and is going to be sharp as he matures.  He is the smallest of the litter but is a little spitfire. He loves to wrestle with his siblings. 

#3 Blue Merle Male "Winston" - Going to live with Shawna and Josiah!

This chunky boy is such a cutie. He has a darker merle pattern with pretty copper points like his momma. He has a square head and cute little white toes. Thjs handsome guy is sweet as can be and loves to play but also is a big cuddle bug.

#4 Red Merle Male - Going to live with Kelli and Mitchell!

This boy is a cutie! He has a lighter merle pattern and the cutest little face. His copper points will start to show more as he matures. This little guy is a little bashful at first, but he sure warms up quick and loves to be cuddled!

#5 Blue Merle Female "Pepper"- Going to live with The Churches!

This girl has a fun pattern and is a chunk. She has pretty copper points and just enough white to catch your eye. She is such a cutie and has the funniest personality. She loves to jump on the balance board like a little surfer.

#6 Blue Merle Female - Update- This little girl did not make it and has crossed rainbow bridge.

This little girl; is one of the smaller pups in the litter. She has a neat almost split face with her black patch. She had a rough go here at the start so she will be on hold until she is out of the woods.

#7 Blue Merle Female "Willow" - Going to live with Megan and Oliver!

This girl is an eye catcher for sure! She has the coolest merle pattern with bigger bold black patches. We can't wait to see how she matures as she gets older. She is such a little chunk, she loves to be in the food bowl, but is quick to play off all her snacks!

#8 Red Merle Female - This little girl will be staying here. 

This little girl is a cutie! She is a lighter red merle with the cutest white markings. She has some neat dilute patches as well.  She is going to be so pretty as she gets older. She is a quiet tempered girl, but likes to be sneaky at times. 

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