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Procedure for Puppies

All puppies are all placed in PET homes, unless otherwise stated, meaning they must be spayed or neutered once they are physically mature (9-12 months old). Pups are dewormed at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks, and receive their first puppy vaccination at 7 weeks. Pups will be ready for their new homes once they are 8 weeks old, UTD on vaccinations, and have received a clean bill of health by our vet. Deposits are always NON-refundable and go towards the final price of the puppy. Once a pup is picked from a specific litter the remaining portion of deposit is then required. All pups are placed with our health guarantee/purchase contract as well
 * We are always happy to meet families within reason for puppy pickups. We do not ship puppies cargo, however we are happy to meet families at the closest airport (Des Moines, Omaha, or Kansas City) and have them fly back with the pup in cabin. We also have many friends who help with ground transport across the US as well as offer a Flight Nanny Service. 
 Please contact us if you have a litter or pup in mind for pricing. We prefer to first visit with families and learn more about them to make sure they are a good fit for one of our pups. 
Deposit Process:

As times and technology have changed since the beginning of when we first started raising Australian Shepherds, more often than not our puppies are spoken for prior to birth or conception. That doesn’t mean we will not occasionally have puppies available after birth in an individual litter, however it is becoming more uncommon. A $500 non refundable pre-deposit may be placed through Venmo, PayPal, or Check. 


What does placing a Pre-Deposit mean?

  • Placing a Pre-Deposit means that you are choosing us to provide your FUTURE family member, not a specific puppy at that time. You have learned about our family, dogs, and trust our process and ways of raising puppies. 


  •  By doing so, you understand that raising puppies depends a majority on mother nature and many of these factors are out of our control. This means that you are willing to wait for the perfect pup for you depending on timing etc. as there are always many variables that come into factor when raising puppies. Females cycles, successful pairings, thriving litters, unpredictable genders and/or colors in a litter, etc. We do our best to plan ahead, however many things can vary and we can never guarantee specifics in a litter. This is why we have chosen to work off of a deposit list vs. a litter list.

When should I place a Pre-Deposit?

  • We suggest that if you decide you would like to become part of our puppy family, (even if it might be a while before you're ready for your puppy due to different timing, life changes, moving etc.) to go ahead and place a deposit. We add individuals to our list according to the date they place the deposit so if you are wanting a specific temperament/  gender/ color/ pairing when the time is right for a pup, you will likely be farther up the list. You may always pass on a litter if the timing is not right.


Choosing your pup:

  • Puppies are chosen in numerical order from the deposit list. Although the list may be longer at times, that does not necessarily mean that those ahead will be choosing a puppy from that specific litter so often an individual is farther up on the list that what it may seem.   


  • When a litter is born, deposit order is the selection order. Families will receive a notification when a litter is almost due, and again once puppies are born and notified of the date when selections will be made.  The selection process goes in order down the deposit list.



We know that this may be confusing to some, however with the increasing demand for our puppies we have found that this process helps break down the process a touch and is the fairest for all individuals/families. If you have any questions at all please feel free to reach out we are always happy to answer any questions you may have!

Expecting Litters-
- Prim x Wicket - Puppies are here!
'- Annabelle x Wicket - Sept '24
- Ink x Twist -Sept '24
- Ava x Twist -Sept '24
-Tipsy x Wicket
 We reserve the right to keep any puppy in a litter to retain for our program or sporting goals 
Pre Deposits for Future Litters
-Molly G. - Future litter- TBD
-Jenna H. ( Future Litter TBD ) 
--Liz S.- TBD
-Tom M - TBD
-Isaac G-2025
-Denise T
**Due to safety reasons to not only us and our dogs, we do NOT allow visitors or people to pick out puppies in person. The risk of bringing in an outside virus/disease to our dogs and puppies is too high and their safety is the most important. We are happy to send lots of pictures/ videos for families to be sure the pup is the best fit for them. **
 Please contact us and fill out our application to begin the process of possibly becoming a future family for one of our pups! 

#5 Black Tri Female- Available​

This girl is a cutie. She has lots of white chrome and bright copper points. She is definitely going to be one that will catch your eye.

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