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Here at Maple Grove we do things different than many breeders. When we decided to dedicate our time to raising purebred Aussies we knew our goal was to raise the best family dogs and to share those with others. That being said, Our dogs are all part of our family, they don't live in kennels 24/7. Some of our dogs live with Bailie in the country and some live with Julie and Dave on the farm.
Our dogs go with us to town to run errands, they get to go to the farm store, they go to obedience school and puppy classes, they go shopping in the city, they go on family vacations and holiday trips, they sleep in bed with us and they all have their own spots on the couch or on the comfy chairs inside the house with us. You get the point.
Our dogs are all health tested for the appropriate breed tests, and we have also gotten more involved in the showing world and enjoy showing our dogs as well. We know that WE love them and think they are all great, but we also like to prove that they all are great examples of the breed standard from a judges point of view as well.  Feel free to go through the tabs of Our Boys and Our Girls to learn more about each of our dogs and what makes them special.
We are always open to answering any questions about us, our family, and our dogs.  
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