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    "Rowdy"      *Retired*


Red Tri Male

ASDR registered



* *N/N on HC, PRCD, and MDR1**

Rowdy is the man around the house here at MGMA and he is quite the character. Rowdy loves everybody and is always eager to show his friends all of his tricks! He is a fetching machine (will swim all the way across a pond to get a stick thrown) and loves his toys! 


Rowdy passes on his good looks, friendly disposition, and intelligence on to his puppies and is just a fun guy to be around. Now that he is retired he has become the farm mascot for running errands with the guys, and loves to spend his days snoozing on the couch!

 "Tilly"    **Retired**

Blue Merle Female

ASDR registered



** N/N on PRCD, HC, and MDR1**

Tilly is a very happy girl, she loves to play with her best buds Rowdy and Lola. Tilly loves to be with her humans and is happy inside on the couch or out in the yard playing fetch. She loves water as well!  She is the typical velcro aussie and is never far from our side. She loves cats, horses, and laying in the flowerbed (which Bailie does not appreciate, but with a face like that we can't get to mad about it). She is a stocky girl and comes from champion bloodlines!

Tilly is now retired and resides with a great family where she is the center of attention and gets to be extra spoiled by their grandkids often. 



      "Sophie"   *Retired*

Red Merle Female

ASDR Registered

16 inches


**N/N on HC and MDR1,  N/P for PRCD**


Sophie is a big lover! She loves affection and is Julie's little shadow and enjoys going camping with her in the summer months.

Sophie is a very athletic dog and and can jump straight up in the air from a stand still. She thinks it is a fun game to jump in and out of the feed bunks when that cattle get fed.  This little girl also has a very thick aussie coat!








Blue Merle Female

ASDR Registered

17.5 inches


Two Blue Eyes

**N/N on HC, PRCD, and MDR1 **


Dora is our big girl here at MGMA. She is beautifully put together and loves to give "the look." Dora is more of a one person kind of girl and it takes her a while to warm up to strangers. Once she decides you are okay she will lick you to death! She loves cattle and has high drive towards livestock. Dora produces some BEAUTIFUL pups with the brains to go along with them.


We are sad to inform that Dora passed away in the fall of 2015 from an accident on the farm, she left behind many happy memories with us and blessed many families with beautiful and smart babies!!







Blue Merle Female

ASDR Registered

16 1/2 "


Elite Bronze Champion 

* N/N for MDR1, HC, and PRC-PRCD


Stella is Lola's younger half sister and is such a happy go lucky girl. She loves to stir up mischief around the farm, and likes to steal horse halters out of the shed and "relocate" them. Stella loves to help check cows and ride in the tractor as well. She even found a deer shed while out walking the Timber one evening. 

**We sadly lost Stella to a farm accident fall of 2020. She left our family much too soon and unexpected.

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