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Rita x Wicket Puppies 
These little pups joined the family on 11-5-23.  Puppies will be ready to go at 8 weeks of age 1-1-24. Tails will be docked and dew claws removed.  Puppies will have had their 1st round of vaccines and be dewormed at 2,4,6, & 8 weeks of age. These pups will be all sizes, approx. around 14-17" tall and 15-30lbs approx. when mature.




#1 -  Black Tri Female- Going to live with the Herbert Family!

This little girl is a cutie, she has a big white blaze and pretty copper points along with white socks. She has two pretty blue eyes and is feisty as can be. She loves to be the center of attention. 

#2 Blue Merle Female- Going to live with the Vyhnalek Family.

 This girl is a sweetie and has the brightest copper points. She has a blocky head and the cutest white blaze. She loves to get cuddles and is such a little spitfire!

#3 Black Tri Male - Going to live with Alex and Josie!


This boy has a square head and a big white blaze. He has dark smutty copper points and is a chunk! He has one blue and one brown eye. He is a little more on the laid back side, he likes to sit back and take everything in. He is so sweet natured and loves to cuddle after playing with his siblings. 

#4 Black Tri Male - Going to live with the Hill Family!

This little guy is flashy. He looks very similar to his brother above aside from his feet. He has a pretty blaze and one tall and one short sock. He has two pretty blue eyes and is a very bubbly happy boy. He loves to play and is super sweet. 

#5 Blue Merle Male - Going to live with Cherrissa and family!

This little guy is as handsome as they come. He has dark pretty copper points and the cutest dark copper/black foot. One in the front and one in the back. He has two pretty blue eyes also! He is super sweet and has a bashful side to him. He loves to be out and about but also likes to just hang out on his own at times. 

#6 Bi Blue Merle Male -  Going to live with the Kolstad Family!

This boy has a big square head and a patch over his eye. He is a cute handsome boy with a square head. He has two blue eyes as well. He is a little bashful at first and then really warms up to new friends. He is super sweet natured.

#7 Blue Merle Male - Going to live with Sheri and Dan!

This little guy is one of the smallest in the litter. He has more white on him and really stands out against his siblings. He is going to be flashy when he gets older. He has two pretty blue eyes. He is a goofy boy who loves to make funny faces and is always up to something!

#8 Blue Merle Male - Going to live with Kelsey!

This guy is handsome and looks pretty similar to his blue sister. He has pretty tan points and is going to be quite the looker. He has two pretty blue eyes. He is such a sweet and playful boy. He loves attention and is a happy to get all the belly rubs. 

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