Stella x Stoney Puppies 

These little pups joined the family on 4-16-20.  Puppies will be ready to go at 8 weeks of age 6-11-2020. Tails will be docked and dew claws removed.  Puppies will have had their 1st round of vaccines and be dewormed at 2,4,6, & 8 weeks of age. These pups will be all sizes, approx. around 15-19" tall and 25-50lbs approx. when mature.

Although we do our best to estimate the height of the puppy at maturity, we can not guarantee the actual size at maturity. The Mini Aussies were bred down from Standard Sized Australian Shepherds and there can always be a recessive gene that comes out. Standard size for a mini Australian Shepherds is 18” (at the shoulder) or shorter.

#1 -  Blue Merle Male- Going to live with the VanVleet Family.

This pup is a pretty guy. He has a nice square head like his parents, and a fun little half black face! He is a big goofy boy and loves water!

#2 Black Tri Male- Going to live with Stephanie P.

This boy is marked alot like his daddy. He has a cute little head and is such a handsome boy. He is always happy and loved to get cuddles!

#3 "Kobe" Red Tri Male-Going to live with the Bertrand Family.

This little boy is going to be neat when he gets older. He has rich copper points like Stella and looking at his little nose wrinkles, he is going to have a short and square head. He is an goofy boy and always on the go. He loves to jump into the fish pond and get nice and wet and dirty!

#4 "Kado" Blue Merle Male -Going to live with the Helmrichs Family.

This baby boy is such a cute little chunk. He has pretty copper points as well and a cute little blaze. He is a chunky boy wholoves to get belly rubs and to wrestle with his siblings.

#5 Black Tri Male- Going to live with Chelsey S.

This boy is a cutie. He has a pretty white blaze and tall white feet. He is a teeny tiny boy, the smallest of the litter. 

#6 Blue Merle Female- Going to live with Mike and Sara.

This girl is neat! She is  BIG girl, and might be the same size a her daddy. She has little black leg and one blue leg, and has gotten more copper as she has gotten older. She is such a happy go lucky girl. She loves attention and to follow us around the yard!

#7 Black Tri Female- Going to live with Ben, Alix, Etta, and Oskar.

This girl looks alot like her brother. She is a chubby girl, and has just a little tan on her cheeks and feet. SHe is such a happy girl to be around. She always brightens our day with her smiles!

#8- Red Tri Female - Going to live with the Tallcott Family.


This girl is a cutie. She is a chubby girl and looks just like her daddy. She is a big stocky built girl and loves going on adventures in the yard. 

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