Running C's Tuff Lil Rowdy of MGMA     "Rowdy"


Red Tri Male

ASDR registered



Amber Eyes

* *N/N on HC, PRCD, and MDR1**

Rowdy is the man around the house here at MGMA and he is quite the character. Rowdy loves everybody and is always eager to show his friends all of his tricks! He is a fetching machine (will swim all the way across a pond to get a stick thrown) and loves his toys! 


Rowdy passes on his good looks, friendly demenor, and intellegence on to his puppies and is just a fun guy to be around.

 IntCH Timberlines Million Dollar Blues for MGMA


Red Tri Male




Blue Eyes

ASDR Elite Bronze Champion

Stoney is a silly boy who loves to meet new friends. He is structurally very correct and built just as wide as he is tall. He is a great fluid mover and loves to come along with me when we go riding the horses.  Stoney is more of a medium drive aussie and really wants to work livestock. He LOVES water and you usually always can find him in his swimming pool during the hot summer months. Stoney has proven himself over and over in the show ring with multiple Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite, Best of Breed, Best in Show, 

Best Male Head Type, Best in Movement and Herding Group First Places. 

N/N for Collie Eye Anomaly, Cone Degeneration, Hereditary Cataracts, hyperuricosuria, MDR1, Multifocal Retinopathy 1, Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis 6, and Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod -Cone Degeneration. 

Timberline One Eyed Twister @ Maple Grove   "Twist"


Black Tri



One Brown, One Blue Eyes

Twist is our funny man here and a total mommas boy. He is little but feisty and doesn't realize he is the smallest one here. He loves water and is always in his baby pool or playing with his friends the farm cats. He comes from some smaller bloodlines, his grandma is only 12" tall! We are pretty excited to have him here, there is never a dull moment when Twist is around. He has passed his AKC Star Puppy exam. Twist is a higher drive aussie and really wants to please. We are training in Rally and hope to start agility training this winter!

MGMA's Onto The Next One


Black Tri Male- Red Factored

ASDR, IMASC, MASCA Registered - Level 2 ASDR Championship



Amber Eyes

Brisby is our home raised boy out of Rowdy and Lola. He brings out the best in both of his parents. He is a great size- not to small, and not too big. He has his dads loving and affectionate personality and his moms beautiful movement, structure, and copper. Brisby was always right with me since he was born, he would always rather be on my lap than playing with his siblings and needless to say, he never left.  Brisby has already done very well in the show ring winning multiple Best Bred By classes, Winners Dog, Best of Breed Puppy, and Premier Male to name a few.   

Full Aussie Panel Pending*

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