Maple Grove Ran Outta Ink



Blue Merle Female- Red Factored

IMASC, MASCA, , ASDR registered

14 inches


Brown Eyes

IMASC Champion, Level 2 ASDR Champion, International Puppy Champion IABCA

Ink is our home raised girl here. She is out of Stoney and Lola and the second she was born I knew she was staying here. As a baby, her coloring and merle pattern was so unique where her black spots turned to silver. We laughed and said that Lola must have ran out of Ink and needless to say, the name stuck. Ink is the littlest girl here, proof that even though her daddy is our biggest boy he produces littles. Ink is such a happy girl, she loves kids, new people, and all the farm animals.  She is VERY athletic, and can jump SO  high. Ink has already earned her IMASC championship and is not even a year old yet. She has won multiple Best Bred By classes, Best Female Puppy, Winners Bitch, Best in Movement, and Best Female Headtype. 

*Full Aussie Panel Pending

 Timberline Keeping It 90 Proof @MGMA


Bi Blue Merle




Blue Eyes

ASDR Level 2 Puppy Champion

International Puppy Champion IABCA

Tipsy is a big love bug. She is a stocky girl and has a big square head and such a pretty hair coat.  Tipsy is a great mover and loves to play tag in the yard with Twist and Ink.  She is more of a lower drive aussie and really just loves to be with her people. She is also a big bed hog! Tipsy has also done well in the show ring with multiple Winners Bitch and Best Female Head Type.

Full Aussie Panel Pending*

Timberline Connecting The Dots @ Maple Grove   "Dotty"


Blue Merle Female



Brown/Blue Marbeled Eyes

Dotty in the youngest member of the family here and she is so funny. She is a little tank and has the most thick and square frame of all of our dogs. We cant wait to see how she matures and to start showing her this spring. Dotty loves being a farm pup nd getting dirty. She loves to play in the fish pond and to ride in the tractor and truck whi doing chores!

Waymires In Like Flynn at MGMA "Flynn"

Red Merle Female

ASDR Registered - Level 1 ASDR Championship



one blue one amber eye

Level 1 Championship

Flynn came to us as an older puppy and she has fit right in. She loves to chase around her friends Stoney and Rowdy and is quite the speed demon around the yard. Flynn loves all the farm animals and even adopted an orphaned litter of 4 kittens this spring. Flynn is a vocal girl and will always let you know what she is up to. She made her show debut this year  got to go to some shows where she placed Reserve Winners Bitch at the UMASC. We will be patiently waiting to see red pups produced when we cross Flynn and Stoney, I think they will compliment each other well.

Clear- Collie Eye Anomaly, Cone Degeneration, Hereditary Cataracts, hyperuricosuria, Degenerative Myeloopathy, Multifocal Retinopathy 1, Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis 6, and Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod -Cone Degeneration.  Possible MDR1 Carrier

Willow Creeks Secret for MGMA "Lola"

Blue Merle Female

MASCA registered



Brown and blue marbled eyes

Level 1 Championship

*N/N for MDR1, HC, and PRA/PRCD

Lola is a very special girl. She tends to be more reserved towards strangers but warms up quickly and loves meeting new friends. Lola has high herding drive and although we don't have cattle at her house, she does herd the chickens around the yard. Lola loves cats, we often find her sharing her bed with the farm cats as well! She is a beautiful moving dog and has a great stocky build that she passes onto her pups. She has already made a great name for herself in the show ring and has already earned her level 1 championship with ASDR.

Some of Lolas Show placings

  • Best of Breed, Best of Winners, Winners Bitch, Best in Movement , Reserve Winners Bitch , Best Female Headtype , 

Willow Creeks Sixgun Stellar of MGMA   "Stella"

Blue Merle Female

ASDR Registered

16 1/2 "


Brown Eyes

Elite Bronze Champion 

* N/N for MDR1, HC, and PRC-PRCD


Stella is Lola's younger half sister and is such a happy go lucky girl. She loves to stir up mischief around the farm, and likes to steal horse halters out of the shed and "relocate" them. Stella loves to help check cows and ride in the tractor as well. She even found a deer shed while out walking the Timber one evening. 


Renegades Rising Star of MGMA "Tilly"    **Retired**

Blue Merle Female

ASDR registered



One Brown and one 1/2 Brown and 1/2 Blue eye

** N/N on PRCD, HC, and MDR1**

Tilly is a very happy girl, she loves to play with her best buds Rowdy and Lola. Tilly loves to be with her humans and is happy inside on the couch or out in the yard playing fetch. She loves water as well!  She is the typical velcro aussie and is never far from our side. She loves cats, horses, and laying in the flowerbed (which Bailie does not appreciate, but with a face like that we can't get to mad about it). She is a stocky girl and comes from champion bloodlines!




MGMA's Sundancing Sophie      "Sophie"   *Retired*

Red Merle Female

ASDR Registered

16 inches


Marble Amber/Blue eyes

**N/N on HC and MDR1,  N/P for PRCD**


Sophie is a big lover! She loves affection and is Julie's little shadow and enjoys going camping with her in the summer months.

Sophie is a very athletic dog and and can jump straight up in the air from a stand still. She thinks it is a fun game to jump in and out of the feed bunks when that cattle get fed.  This little girl also has a very thick aussie coat!







Walters Dora      "Dora"

Blue Merle Female

ASDR Registered

17.5 inches


Two Blue Eyes

**N/N on HC, PRCD, and MDR1 **


Dora is our big girl here at MGMA. She is beautifully put together and loves to give "the look." Dora is more of a one person kind of girl and it takes her a while to warm up to strangers. Once she decides you are okay she will lick you to death! She loves cattle and has high drive towards livestock. Dora produces some BEAUTIFUL pups with the brains to go along with them.


We are sad to inform that Dora passed away in the fall of 2015 from an accident on the farm, she left behind many happy memories with us and blessed many families with beautiful and smart babies!!






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